Old tourist attractions in US states

Alabama: Morgan Castle
The construction of Morgan Castle began in 1819 and ended in 1833.


Washington DC: Old Stone House
It is the oldest building in Washington built in 1765.

Alaska: Erskine House in Codawak
This building is the oldest building of the Kodiak, built between 1805 and 1808.

New Mexico: Chico National Historic Park
Old churches and buildings of this area were built by American Indians from 850 to 1150 BC.

Colorado: Cliff Palace at Maysa Warda National Park
The Cliff Palace was built between 600 and 1300 BC.

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Arizona: Grand Canyon
There are different views on the history of this historic region. According to some, it is 70 million years old and, according to others, it is 6 million years. Grand Canyon is one of the most sought after national parks in the United States.

California: Valley of the Death National Park
The ancient valleys of the Death Valley are 1.7 billion years old and are one of the warmest, driest and lowest in the United States.

Delaware: Newcastle
The city is also known as Old Newcastle which was built in 1651.

Florida: St. Augustine
It is built on the Atlantic coast of North Florida, and is back in 1565.

Georgia: Pirates House in Savannah
The restaurant was built in 1753, and according to people, the city has now become the home of pirate spirits.

Hawaii: Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park
The park has 2 active volcanoes, and with 333,000 hectares, the area is a great place for cycling and cultural events.

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Arkansas: Hot Springs National Park
Hernando de Soto is the first to visit this national park in 1941. The water temperature in this area is 143 degrees Fahrenheit.

Illinois: Hills of Cahokia
The park is on the 51st hill, which according to UNESCO is the American Indian's builder in 800 BC.

Tourist attractions in US states, spectacular US locations, Hawaiian hills of Cahokia


 Connecticut: The Whitley Museum of Art in Guildford
The Victorian Minister Henry Whitfield built the house in 1639, which is also known as the old stone building.

The most beautiful beaches with turquoise waters

The hot spring and summer days are close, and from a month later, most people like to go to the beaches of the seas and oceans and enjoy the beaches. Of course, the criteria for tourists are different; some like to just relax and have moments of joy. Others prefer to visit unspoiled landscapes and landscapes.

Perhaps the point of subscribing to each type of passenger can be clean beaches, golden sands and of course water and turquoise waters. As part of any group that is, undoubtedly, the clear waters will attract your attention and will be loved more than ordinary seas. Hence, it may not be that you get to know the finest beaches that are the most beautiful of the world's water, but you can choose them as your next destination.

Egremnoi - Greece
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It is very difficult to find a region on Lefkada Island that does not have a particular view of the crystal clear waters of Ionia. But the Egremnoi beach on the west coast is very unique. To reach this beach, you should walk a lot not so far down the road. But as soon as you walk on the white sands, the color of the sea turquoise and the clarity of the water will fill your eyes. Here you can rest for hours under the sun and enjoy the great beach weather.

Lake Catherine, Oregon
The most beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, Catherine Lake, Catherine Lake, the most beautiful lakes in the United States

The tall blue waters that fill the mouth of the volcano off the Mount Mazama have made the lakes known as Crater, which is now considered one of the most beautiful lakes in the United States. Since there is no water flow to this river, no factor causes the water to cloud, and as a result, the water remains clear and clear.

This lake is particularly suitable for dive enthusiasts in cold water. Lake Catherer is located in the southern part of the state of Oregon and is one of the deepest lakes in the United States. The craft is about 590 meters deep.

Kan san, vietnam
The most beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, San Canton is one of the breathtaking views of the Turquoise Sea, in the lagoon of the Gulf of Tamerlane

Granite rocks at the edge of the crystalline waters of Con Son, the only residential island in the Can Dao archipelago, is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The island is located 177 kilometers from Vietnam, and its pristine beaches with golden sands and turquoise waters are one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world.

One of the most breathtaking views of the Turquoise Sea is in the wetland of the Gulf of Tamerlane.

Devil's Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
The most beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, the British Virgin Islands, the Devil Bay in the British Virgin Islands

Sometimes it seems that the best prospect is for those who are trying to achieve it. This is exactly the case of Satan's Bay in the British Virgin Islands. The island's access route is not easy, but it is undoubtedly worth it, and once you arrive, you will be enchanted by the stunning beauty of the Golden Sands and the Sea of ​​Fiore.

National Park of Lake Plateau, Croatia
The most beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, the National Park of the Lakes Plateauque National Park The Lakes Plateauque is composed of sixteen lakes.


Within two hours of the industrial capital of Zagreb, you arrived at a unique natural landscape, called the National Park.

The park's name was registered in 1979 in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The National Botanical Gardens National Park has sixteen lakes and is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Croatia. These lakes are surrounded by three big mountains and their water is also provided by the mountains.

Walking through the trees, jungles and turquoise waters of this beautiful scenic park for visitors, which is rarely found in other parts of the world.

Amber Gries, Belize
The most beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, Ambergries Kay Belize is one of the paradise of the divers of the world.


Belize is one of the world's divers diverse parks, following a long-lasting route to the coral reefs outside of Australia, Ambergries Kay, Belize. As you cross the Shark Ray, you can sit down at the diving watching sharks and rays.

If you go to the Hol Chan seafront, you can see the monkeys, turtles and colorful fishes and explore the world under the blue waters.

Penggel Lake, Jiuzhaigou National Park, China
The most beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, Pebble Lake, five-lake lake in China

In Sichuan Province, there are beautiful waterfalls in China that shed in the blue lakes and create a visionary dream. These waterfalls are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site, and the area is famous for the Pugel Lake.

The clarity of the waters of this lake is such that all the surrounding landscapes are reflected and create a mirror image. This adds up to the beauty of these waters.

Hawaii Island, India
The most beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, beautiful beaches, Hawalk Island, Hawalk Island in India is one of the quietest beaches in the world.

It is a dreamy and paradise island along Andaman Island in the Bay of Bengal. Getting to the island is not so easy, but do not doubt that it is worth traveling. The beaches of the island have white sands such as snow and turquoise water and you can get away from the congestion of tourists in the